I like your brain.

Rosie. 23. Neuroscience major.
(Age flexible depending on verse)

I'm nothing to tell your friends about. I can read you like a book just from the way you smile. The "little white girl from Compton" is making something of herself, and will prove everyone wrong. Don't take it personally if I just find you a bit bland. I'm trying to find something better for myself than a life of poverty and conflict.

[Independent rp; will rp with most anyone. I am not Juno Temple, obviously.]
[All verses are independent of one another.]

*NSFW content abound on this blog. Rosie is a drug addict, smokes cigarettes, drinks, and has sex. Any problems with this, please do not follow. Mun and muse are 20+.

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"Howdy, stranger. You wouldn’t happen to have a light on you, would ya?"

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    “You hate girl germs?” She teased, holding it out to him. “Promise I’m clean.”