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Rosie. 23. Neuroscience major.
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I'm nothing to tell your friends about. I can read you like a book just from the way you smile. The "little white girl from Compton" is making something of herself, and will prove everyone wrong. Don't take it personally if I just find you a bit bland. I'm trying to find something better for myself than a life of poverty and conflict.

[Independent OC; Selective]
[All verses are independent of one another.]

*NSFW content abound on this blog. Rosie is a drug addict, smokes cigarettes, drinks, and has sex. Any problems with this, please do not follow. Mun and muse are 20+.

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Rosie had followed through on her promise. After packing up some things, she took Xavier and left the apartment, leaving Grantaire to deal with his own drunken mess. She couldn’t do this anymore. If he wasn’t going to get professional help, how could she trust him to keep his promise? He couldn’t do this on his own anymore. He called and called but she never answered, and his text messages kept piling up. She just couldn’t talk to him right now.
She was holed up in a cheap motel just waiting it out for the next week or so, keeping Xavier safe and occupied. She had snatched Grantaire’s credit card before leaving. Shitty move, but if he was going to do this to his family, she would make sure Xavier was at least fed, and she didn’t have any money herself. She wanted to go back home. She wanted her family back…but she didn’t know how she would be able to go back and have everything be normal.

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    "I just did." She went to Xavier, scooping him up. "C’mon, stinky, it’s bath time."
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    "No one walks out on Loki!" He giggled rubbing after her
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    "It is much more pleasant." He laughed